Magazines are not
measured effectively
A recent study by Nielsen confirms that magazine historical inputs were not ideal for econometric modelling studies. Across 3 FMCG brands, they replaced average readership data with real-time weekly data available from MAPP. By adjusting this variable for magazines and bringing it in line with the standard reporting periods of competing marketing channels, the results uncovered a dramatic shift in the ROI for the three brands that were studied, with key findings including:
Magazines ROI saw a significant
improvement from the
lowest at 0.34 to the highest at 0.91
UP 168%
Magazines contribution
to sales more than doubled
Magazines work to
amplify TV and online spend
better than any other medium
Synergy Improvement
Magazines are the perfect
media companion to TV
When Magazines & TV
are layered together,
TV ROI improves by