Peter Roins

Name// Peter Roins
Position// MediaCom, Director – IP&I
What’s your current position?
How long have you been in this position?
Director in the IP&I Department. Have been in this role for 2 years.
What do you find most challenging about your role?
Getting non magazine clients excited about magazines
How did you get your first job in Media?
A friend of my sister took me under her wing when I was deciding what I wanted to do with my life. She helped me get my first job in media
If you could do any job what would it be?
Pop star (I’d need to learn how to sing first!)
If you could change one thing about your role what would it be?
It sometimes feels like there is a lack of solidarity between agencies and between publishers. It’s very competitive and while a healthy dose of competition is good, I’d like to see businesses within this industry working more collaboratively.
What is your favourite magazine?
Vanity Fair
Do you have a work/life balance?
Yes, I try to!
What was the last campaign you did with magazines?
Magazines are part of my daily job. Working on LVMH means that I am always working with magazines
What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I was runner up for the United Nations Youth Representative of Australia posting in New York in 2005.
Best compliment you’ve ever received?
When I was leaving my last job in London, a client of mine said that she genuinely felt like she was losing a member of her team. That was lovely
Best magazine cover you’ve seen?
Vanity Fair UK, June 2007. Queen Elizabeth shot by Annie Leibovitz. The whole photo-shoot was spectacular