Nick Thomas

Name// Nick Thomas
Position// Account Manager at MediaCom
What’s your current position?
How long have you been in this position?
I moved over to MediaCom after a 2 year start at Foundation. Since then I have worked across the Volkswagen account and am currently working in the Procter & Gamble team leading the offline team.
If you could have any job what would it be?
Since the age of 5 I was obsessed with making movies. Before I started in the world of Media my aspirations were to one day be the next James Cameron.
What has surprised you most about working in Media?
How small our industry is, everybody knows everybody. Something that at first was a little unsettling.
Do you have a work/life balance?
Yes! I play Netball, Soccer and Basketball at lunch during the week. It breaks up my days, breaks up the week and I get to meet other people within the agency that I wouldn’t otherwise.
What is your favourite magazine?
GQ and Men’s Health – to get my style tips and fitness motivation.
How do you describe your job to your friends outside media?
I don’t think any of my friends really know what I do… but it would be “Our job is to make you want things you probably don’t, and if you do want it, we will make you buy more of it.”
What are you passionate about?
I think that I’m basically passionate about everything! #easilyoverexcitable
What was the last campaign you did with magazines?
The most memorable campaign I worked on was the launch of the New Volkswagen Golf (XII) –It was a huge campaign and we got to really push the barriers of integration. We did this by aligning what each magazine represented to its readers, be it style, quality or innovation and aligned it with a different car part. The campaign borrowed the titles’ equity and aligned it with the Golf.
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?
The Maldives- beaches, islands, surf – That is what I want.
If you could meet any one person (from history or currently alive), who would it be?
A more recent Global hero – Steve Jobs. He has changed the way people interact, share and engage in all aspects of their lives – he must have one incredible mind, and has left an even more incredible legacy. What would this guy talk about at the dinner table, seriously?
If you were on the cover of a magazine, which one would it be?
Time magazine – Man of the year…