Justine Butler

Name// Justine Butler
Position// Media Manager at Media Merchants
What’s your current position? How long have you been in this position?
My current position is Media Manager, and I have been at Media Merchants agency for 10 years. Starting as a graduate and working my way up to my current position, it’s because of the amazing culture and clients at Media Merchants I have been able to progress my career here and love coming to work each day.
How did you get your first job in Media?
Fresh out of university I looked at many Brisbane agencies, and was enticed by Media Merchants given their specialisation in retail and the people working there. I started as Reception and quickly moved into a junior buyer role, working on large national retailers which included Millers Fashion, Priceline, Crazy Clarks and Go Lo. I found the fast pace and demand of retail an amazing learning experience and still do.
What has surprised you most about working in Media?
The changes in how we buy media and the landscape we can now choose to buy from. Ten years ago we didn’t have options such as social media, video content, and augmented reality and yet now we find that really anything is possible and innovation is the key to building memorable and engaging campaigns. Even in retail, the opportunity to build, sustain and cultivate customer loyalty via new media has been key to driving continued sales outside of our major promotions. Working with a lot of what is considered ‘traditional media’ I also am continually surprised and delighted at the ways they are adopting new media to still meet the needs and desires of consumers. Of course there is still opportunities to develop this further, but I’ve been surprised at how far things have come even in the last 12 months.
What was the last campaign you did with magazines?
Working with Priceline we have done some amazing campaigns with magazines so it’s hard to single one out for discussion. I think two I am most proud of are our sponsorship of 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty with Bauer magazines, and I Feel Beautiful which we developed in partnership with Pacific Magazines. In 2012 it was our sixth year of sponsoring 30 Days of Fashion & Beauty, and Priceline were excited to launch ‘Pinky’ the amazing travelling beauty parlour for Priceline. The campaign has a strong foundation in magazines, but we then take this across television, online, social media and events to create more touch points and again bring a strong retail element to the table. We are just about to embark on the second year of I Feel Beautiful in March with Pacific Magazines and I love this campaign because it was all developed from insights directly from Australian women. It’s a great month where Priceline celebrate what it is that makes women feel beautiful, and Pacific Magazines offer us an amazing platform to do this.
What do you find most challenging about your role?
I think challenge can be seen as a negative word, but we always choose to see challenges as the opportunity to exceed expectations or create innovative concepts. Our challenge is and always has been, to create campaigns for clients that engage consumers, bring to life the brands most importantly drive sales. Striking the balance to deliver on all three elements is where the real skill needs to be, especially given today’s media landscape and discerning consumer. A campaign can be aesthetically beautiful and executed on brief, but at the end of the day if we haven’t also driven sales then we really haven’t ticked a crucial box and met the task.
What's the next skill or knowledge set you want to add to your repertoire?
Probably similar to many people in that I’m always working to stay on top of digital and social media and how we use these effectively. We can do amazing things to engage and build brand but I really want to keep working on how do we use them to drive sales and cultivate true customer loyalty.
What is your favourite Magazine?
Working with so many magazines I get a chance to love many, depending what ‘role’ my mindset is in – be it mother, home decorator, fashion victim or inner girl. So I regularly enjoy Madison, Women’s Health, Country Style, Woman’s Day, Who, Cosmo, Better Homes & Gardens and Shop til you Drop. It’s quite a mix.
If you could live anywhere in the world where would you live?
Right now I am in love with New York. My brother lives there and I just love getting lost in the streets, discovering amazing little cafe’s and stores. It has an amazing atmosphere I’ve not experienced anywhere else.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
Like everyone it changed so many times, but I remember wanting to be a marine biologist or an architect though I’m not sure I would be very good at either.
Who would you most like to interview for a magazine?
Hugh Jackman or Oprah Winfrey. Hugh because he seems so down to earth it would be an enjoyable interview experience, and Oprah just because she’s obviously accomplished so much and met such amazing people, I would love to ask what are some of the most important things she has learnt in life and her greatest advice to others.