Jarrad Provis

Name// Jarrad Provis
Position// Business Director at Initiative
What’s your current position? How long have you been in this position?
I joined Initiative in 2004 and have spent the last 3+ years as a Business Director.
What was your first job in Media?
After finishing my degree in Commerce with majors in Marketing and Sports Management I was randomly introduced to the MD of the Initiative Melbourne office through a mutual friend at their 30th. After offering to shout the first round of drinks with little to no money in my wallet, it was an easy sell to get an opportunity to prove myself in what sounded like a very interesting and evolving industry. I was disappointed not to land a role in the mail room (is it just me or did all of today’s industry leaders start in the mail room?), however instead was granted the opportunity to check confirms, formulate templates and stack the beer fridge as an account coordinator.
Tell me about someone who has influenced your career?
Who better to follow other than Sir Richard Branson. I am most impressed how he as a global entrepreneur and business trailblazer can keep one eye on business and one on fun, bringing all those around him along for the journey. Not afraid of bending the rules, Sir Branson has shown the capacity to understand and predict change and put the consumer front and centre of any new business venture. These qualities are useful in an industry such as ours, with those content on watching and waiting, or lacking the ability to understand consumers changing needs quickly left behind.
On a day to day work level I have been fortunate enough to work with many talented and inspiring people. One such person is Stephen Fisher (current Strategy Director of Initiative Melbourne). I have worked with Stephen over the last nine years, and who better to mentor than one that can shape your early career development with long term goals in mind, whilst constantly adapting, learning and staying one step ahead, finding new ways to offer inspiration, guidance and support whenever in need.
What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?
I am competitive by nature and take great pleasure in finding new ways to compete and offer value in an adapting landscape. I enjoy the fact that no brief is ever the same (even if it is copied and pasted from last year) as the market condition, product offering, business need, consumer habit, and platforms to deliver campaigns across are always in a state of evolution. I enjoy working with clients who seek to stay with or one step ahead of change so that we all can learn, adapt and better the ongoing output of any opportunity.
If you could do any job what would it be?
A well paid water skiing instructor in a sunny location.
What is your favourite Magazine?
I love to read GQ with a coffee in hand on the weekend and keep up to date with B&T and AdNews. When I feel like I have lost touch with the world, The Monthly is a great quick fix.
What was the last campaign you did with magazines?
To support the Officeworks ‘Work Smarter’ April campaign, we currently have activity in various magazines aimed at building the Officeworks profile in helping Australians to work smarter at home, on the move & in the office to ultimately achieve more in their day. The campaign across print and digital formats with the aid of augmented reality app VIEWA includes a ‘Win a Mentor’ competition across AWW & Woman’s Day, along with a follow up Q&A in Madison of last year’s winner of our Madison Mentors program, and their mentor on what helps them ‘work smarter’.
What makes you laugh?
My nieces and nephews learning the art of sharing.
Best compliment you've ever received?
On a work front I have taken it as a great compliment when Marketing teams that I have had to the pleasure to work with have introduced me to others they work with as part of their “marketing team”. It is a goal of mine to never be seen as an out of reach third party supplier, and as such I strive to provide unbiased insight, support and guidance across all marketing solution platforms, that can ultimately drive successful business outcomes for the client.
If you were on the cover of a magazine, which one?
It would be nice to say GQ, although I can’t see the end of the queue of talented, fashionable and good looking people in front of me. Anyway Ryan Gosling has that all sewn up for the foreseeable future. I hear he even is about to launch a monthly section aimed at showing men how to Knit…