Claire Butterworth

Name// Claire Butterworth
Position// Sydney Trading Director at MEC
What’s your current position?
How long have you been in this position?
I have been the Sydney Trading Director at MEC for 2 and a half years
What do you find most challenging about your role?
Juggling a number of different things at once and making sure you are still on top of emerging technology and new innovation. Being across the whole agency means many different contact points but the team I am lucky to have around make it much easier for me!
How did you get your first job in Media?
I had just finished university and was happily lying around on my Mother’s couch. Sadly I realised this could not continue forever so I met with a friend who knew the MD of Clemenger Brisbane. He put me in touch with OMD Brisbane and I became a media coordinator.
If you could do any job what would it be?
Maybe not my first job as a taxi spy! Probably the one I am doing now. I am a massive media nerd.
What is your favourite magazine?
Tough call but InStyle, Who, The Australian Woman’s Weekly and Empire are probably my favourites. I also love Vanity Fair.
Do you have a work/life balance?
Yes! MEC are very encouraging of a life outside of work which is great…. I am lucky to have quite a bit of flexibility with my role so I can get the best of both worlds
What was the last campaign you did with magazines?
I am constantly involved in magazine campaigns whether it be for Colgate, Blackmores or Campbells Arnotts. We are pretty proud of some of the campaigns we have brought to life in magazines.
Best compliment you’ve ever received?
That I am honest and fair. It might sound a little boring but its important to me, both in my personal and professional life, that people perceive me that way.
Best magazine cover you’ve seen?
Its iconic and possibly falls more in the cookbook category than magazine but the Australian Woman’s Weekly Birthday Cookbook Magazine with the train cake. I loved loved loved that growing up and would spend hours deciding my birthday cake every year.