Carla Bradshaw

Name// Carla Bradshaw
Position// Group Account Director at Mitchells
What’s your current position? How long have you been in this position?
Group Account Director at Mitchells, for almost 6 years
What would you say most motivates you to do what you do?
I’m motivated by the constantly changing landscape of media and learning new things every day.
How did you get your first job in Media?
Actually I had no idea about Media, I started in Account Service. Faced with the choice of redundancy or media the choice was simple, and I’ve never looked back.
What do you do when you aren't working?
Spending time with my husband and daughter.
How do you describe your job to your friends outside media?
I help clients to advertise their products to people, through TV, Digital, Magazines etc.
What is your favourite magazine?
Better Homes and Gardens
What was the last campaign you did with magazines?
With my team for the Reece business.
What did you want to be when you grew up?
I never planned that far ahead.
What makes you laugh?
Cat videos
Who would you most like to interview for a magazine?
Hugh Jackman