Taste Eat Real Unwrapped podcast

Taste.com.au launches new podcast series – Eat Real Unwrapped

Taste.com.au, Australia’s leading food media brand, has today released a new six-part podcast series Eat Real Unwrapped.

The exciting new podcast busts the myths and breaks down the barriers to healthy eating, bringing in leading experts and scientists from Australia and around the world. The series leads listeners step-by-step in easy, tasty bites to a foundation eating plan that can be built on and personalised, episode by episode, to create an eating plan for life.

Taste.com.au editor-in-chief Brodee Myers said: “It’s time to get real about healthy eating and through this podcast series we’re going to do just that.

“There is so much confusion and so many myths around healthy eating. It’s almost like cracking a cold case. It’s not quite true crime meets nutrition, but the life you save could be your own.

“Our ultimate goal is pretty lofty. We want to change the way Australians are eating, embracing healthy eating because they want to, not because they have to. We want to get there without banning foods or compromising the joy of food. We want to knock down every barrier that’s standing in the way psychologically and physically, whether it’s know-how, inclination or FOMO around exciting food experiences.

“The power of podcasts, I think, is their enormous potential for heightened influence and inspiration. It would be amazing to see Eat Real Unwrapped have a discernible impact on the estimated 54 million meals influenced by taste.com.au every year. That’s the dream and I like to think it could happen.”

Created and produced by taste.com.au the podcast is hosted by Brodee Myers. To accompany the series taste.com.au will release a raft of new content. Each episode links to meal plans, articles and tools for listeners to put the science into action.

The Eat Real Unwrapped podcast series is sponsored by Massel’s certified organic stocks.

Taste.com.au presents Eat Real Unwrapped starts today. To listen and read more visit taste.com.au/podcast