Taste.com.au & GLAD team up to make Christmas easier

Taste.com.au has partnered with GLAD to launch Taste.com.au’s Glad to Help Christmas Hotline to make festive season planning and cooking easier.

Taste.com.au has built a dedicated digital hotline to help Australian cooks during the very busy and often stressful time leading up to Christmas. Users can go to Taste.com.au, ask any cooking question and receive a response to their problem. Now live, the hotline will remain at the audiences’ service until Christmas Eve with a two-hour response time during the three days leading up to Christmas Day and a 24-hour response time at all other times.

NewsLifeMedia’s chief commercial officer Prue Cox said: “We are delighted to partner with GLAD to create Taste.com.au’s Glad to Help Christmas Hotline. The aim of the digital hotline is to further cement the positive influence and helpful roles that both Taste.com.au and GLAD play in the kitchen – especially over Christmas where home cooks crave anything that will help make their lives easier. It’s a very handy tool and whether you’ve scorched the stuffing or are suffering from Pavlova panic, the Taste.com.au team of food experts will be on hand this Christmas to answer all the tough questions.

“Taste.com.au is Australia’s biggest digital kitchen and the team is constantly looking at content and how it can better serve our customers. The site’s traffic and engagement increases exponentially over the Christmas period, and to offer our audience a dedicated digital hotline to answer their festive cooking questions is another example of our innovation providing the very best Taste.com.au experience anytime, anywhere and anyplace.”

GLAD’s brand manager Nicola Quinn said they are truly excited to be offering the Glad to Help Christmas Hotline alongside Taste.com.au. “Christmas is a time for family gatherings, wonderful food and much celebration. Food preparation, leftovers and food waste is a huge part of Christmas for consumers and GLAD products are a huge help at this time of the year. We are thrilled to help Australians with their kitchen dilemmas this year.”

See Taste.com.au’s Glad to Help Christmas Hotline here: taste.com.au/hotline

Taste.com.au & GLAD team up to make Christmas easier