Practical Parenting

Pacific relaunches Practical Parenting

Pacific, Australia’s biggest women’s digital network, with a unique audience of 2.4 million, has relaunched Australia’s most trusted parenting brand, Practical Parenting.

Rebuilt and refocused using insights derived from a key piece of consumer research, the reborn Practical Parenting delivers the most premium, expert-led, rich content platform in-market.

Reaching 1.9 million mums with kids at home every month across the Pacific portfolio according to EMMA CMV April 2018, the all-new Practical Parenting is uniquely positioned to tap into this established community of parents on their path to purchase.

The research, from Pacific’s Insights team, has been used to guide both the site’s strategy and feature set, which includes 24/7 shopping, extensive product listings and reviews by real mums who’ve been there and done that.

The insights revealed that Aussie mums trust the advice of other mums far more than brands and manufacturers when it comes to making purchase decisions. This new savvy and self-empowered mum also considers online reviews by other mums far more credible than influencers, mummy bloggers or celebrity mums.

Practical Parenting’s powerful new online destination allows mums to search, review and buy, harnessing the power of Pacific’s 28+ million community and the Seven West Media (SWM) network.

Frances Sheen, Editor of Practical Parenting, said, “We’re doing all the hard work for mums by taking the stress out of the decisions they have to make and bringing back the joy of shopping.

“Leveraging SWM’s data eco-system, we will be able to target and personalise messaging to the right mum.”

The platform emulates Pacific’s highly successful review site, BEAUTYcrew, which launched in 2016 and now has more than 28,000 reviews and recommendations for 5,000 products.

As well as peer-to-peer product reviews, Practical Parenting also offers expert advice and the latest news and opinions on the issues that really matter to mums.

Louisa Hatfield, General Manager of Family and Entertainment, said: “Our research confirmed the purchase cycle has evolved, particularly for millennial mums. She now prioritises peer-to-peer reviews as a key step prior to purchase.

“The reimagined Practical Parenting provides a one-stop parenting destination where she can hear from experts and her peers about products before she buys.”

Gereurd Roberts, CEO of Pacific, said: “We are excited about the opportunity for advertisers to create awareness and drive consideration through highly trusted reviews and rich brand storytelling – all told through the trusted voice of Practical Parenting, and supported with easy steps to purchase.”