New Idea Food

New Idea launches video-rich New Idea Food

A brand with mass reach, a seriously engaged audience and a total footprint of more than 5 million[1], New Idea is leveraging its power to further influence what ends up on the dinner table of heartland Australia with the launch of New Idea Food.

Driven by Australia’s largest food media production house, the New Idea Test Kitchen, New Idea continues its impressive history of providing Australian grocery buyers with tried-and-tested recipes and food content. An established powerhouse of original food content production, the launch of New Idea Food takes this to the next level creating a go-to destination for all things food with an unparalleled reach supported by Seven West Media’s 7Food network.

The digital offering, New Idea Food, is shaped around several key content verticals:

  • Food News
  • Dinner Tonight
  • Baking
  • Easy Entertaining
  • Healthy-ish

Additionally, the platform will deliver a rotating selection of content tied to the seasons of the year as well as key events.

Video is at the heart of New Idea Food with more than 900 how-to videos available at launch and two original pieces of video content created each day which go beyond the recipe to influence the grocery buyer before she goes to the supermarket. New Idea has already found success with its extensive library of videos reaching mass audiences including:

  • Tim Tam Cheesecake – 18 million+ views
  • Malteser Caramel Slice – 12 million+ views
  • Passionfruit Cheesecake Slice – 9 million+ views
  • Cloud Eggs – 8 million+ views
  • KFC Chicken – using the Colonel’s rumoured recipe – 3 million+ views

Louisa Hatfield, Group Content & Brand Director for Pacific, said: “Unlike other online food destinations that are geared towards women who are brilliant chefs, New Idea Food is for women who simply love food. With exceptional editorial, native and branded content, the platform is fast becoming the authority on all things food.”

The launch follows on from extensive research conducted by Pacific into Australians and their attitudes and approaches to food. The Culinary Compass Study focussed on female grocery buyers aged 25-to-54 and found that while there is interest and willingness to experiment, this is often trumped by convenience. In fact, many women opt to cook from a repertoire of only seven recipes and while they’d love to change it up, the perceived risk of wasting their time or disappointing the family is too great.

New Idea Food looks to overcome this by offering easy, convenient food choices with the help of brand partners, backed by the New Idea Test Kitchen which tests every recipe three times.

Gereurd Roberts, CEO of Pacific, said: “Creating a new environment for New Idea in a space it already dominates is a fantastic way for our clients to reach a valuable audience that shares one key thing with us – the love of food. Food already drives one of our fastest growing social audiences and so it’s a clear opportunity to play to our strengths and focus on what we know works, for us and our clients.”

New Idea Food is the latest addition to Pacific’s extensive food offering which includes All Recipes and Better Homes and Gardens with the publisher producing more food content than any other in Australia with upwards of 7,500 food-related articles created each year.

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