Mother & Baby awards recognise latest innovative products

Mother & Baby has revealed its annual list of the best products and services available – as voted by mums and a panel of experts.

The 2016 awards showcase an exciting and broad range of options available to modern-day parents. From bras to cars, safety seats to dad bags, and from high-tech video monitoring equipment to the best Babymoon destinations.

“There are prams that can fold down to fit in the overhead locker of an aeroplane, climate control eggs that change colour when the room temperature needs to change, and all the various bits and pieces we need to do our best job at parenting,” said Mother & Baby editor Erin Mayo.

“Certainly, while the fundamentals of care remain the same, bringing up a child in 2016 can be a very different experience from previous generations – as a whole new raft of products and services become available, and are marketed towards parents in particular.

“Our awards cut through the hype and are seen as the industry standard.  They cover a broad range of categories and price points, to ensure parents can make informed choices.”

2016 Mum of the Year

The MOTHER & BABY Awards have also recognised the ‘2016 Mum of the Year’ – inspirational Perth woman Farrah Millar, who has initiated a breast cancer self-check campaign after being diagnosed with the condition just hours after giving birth to her second child.

The 37-year-old has created a Facebook group called #FarrahsArmy in which she both encourages other women to monitor their health, while sharing details of her own treatment and positive approach to a monumental challenge.

Farrah is about to undergo a double mastectomy, and start a new round of chemo, as her best chance of beating the cancer – all the while remaining upbeat and open.

She asked for her prize money of $5,000 to be evenly shared with the other finalists saying “Every Mum who her puts her children first and herself second is a Mum of the Year in my eyes.”

Mother & Baby awards recognise latest innovative products