As advertising tech spend soars past £1bn this year, Dave Chopping, Head of Insight and Rebecca Batey, Senior Insight Executive at Time Inc. UK, look at the highly-influential role that magazine media plays in consumers’ decisions to purchase technology.

When we look at those who read print magazines during their technology purchase journey, versus those who use other media, we discover an audience that is well placed to invest significantly in new technology products and is more influenced by magazine advertising than any other media.

How can we claim this? It’s by exploring the power of magazines through Time Inc. UK’s ‘Time for Tech*’ research.

Firstly consider that we have been able to compare TV advertising, print magazines, radio, outdoor, social media, newspapers and online. Out of all these, print magazine readers are most likely to state that they are the first among their friends/family to buy a new product (44%). If we compare this with the UK as a whole, we can see that the print magazine audience considerably over-indexes at 260. For TV, it falls to 36%, and for newspapers it drops even further to almost half compared to magazines at 23%.
Looking at the millennial (those aged 18-34) print magazine audience, the figure rises to 54%, the highest among all media sources for millennials.

Decision makers

Equally, when selecting a technology product to buy, over half of those reading print magazines are most likely to be the sole decision maker. As well as reaching an audience of decision-makers, print magazine readers are also passionate about technology and more so than those using other media during their purchase journey. Those who use print magazine advertising are seen as being knowledgeable about technology, with 63% citing that friends and family turn to them for advice on technology vs. TV, which is 54%.

Expert reviews

When we asked our UK sample which sources were most useful during the technology purchase journey, magazine media technology and expert review sites performed best.
Expert and technology review sites, such as Time Inc. UK’s Trusted Reviews were the most useful source during the purchase journey overall, while magazine media were seen as the most inspiring, with 2 in 5 being inspired by them. For researching products, again technology and expert review sites were highly utilised to increase consumers’ confidence. They were the leading research method, with 2 in 5 using them. Online search and magazine media were second, with 1 in 3 finding these useful.

For more information click here to see the Magnetic Research deck.

* Time Inc. UK recently completed the Time for Tech study, a research project focusing on consumers’ needs from tech and how the purchase journey varies, depending on the sector – audio-visual and entertainment, large appliances, small appliances, mobile communications and smart technology.

The study consisted of six stages of qualitative research with a nationally-representative sample of 1,000+ UK adults. It also had a boost of over 1,100 Time Inc. consumers.