Gourmet Traveller celebrates 50 with huge party at Sydney’s Rockpool.

The bumper November issue of Gourmet Traveller launched last night with a fittingly huge party. The magazine took over Rockpool Bar & Grill in Sydney for an epic 50th birthday black-tie bash in collaboration with Patrón, the world’s leading premium tequila. To prep for the once-in-a-lifetime event, Rockpool chef Neil Perry hopped a ride on the Patrón jet into the Mexican state of Jalisco, the home of tequila, to do hands-on research, tasting his way through the street foods of Guadalajara, meeting with agave farmers in the highlands, and blending a bespoke barrel for the event with distillers at the Hacienda Patrón.

The 300 guests at the party, included chefs, restaurateurs and a handful of lucky subscribers experienced the spectacle of Rockpool Bar & Grill becoming Cantina Rockpool for one night only, its wood-fired grill sizzling with Mexican spice, its army of staff pouring Margaritas, and its walls ringing with the sounds of mariachi musicians and DJs, celebrity DJ Alex Dimitriades among them. “It was a pretty amazing party,” said Perry. 

The 50th-anniversary Gourmet Traveller, hits newsstands on Monday 24 October.

Here is a link to some of the pictures from the night.


Captions are as follows:

20. The gatefold cover of Gourmet Traveller’s 50th anniversary issue

48. Patrón Tequila’s Lee Applbaum and Nikki Phillips

54. Kylie Kwong and Anthea Loucas Bosha

58, Kylie Kwong

71. Gourmet Traveller’s Brooke Donaldson and pastry chef Christopher Thé

84. Neil Perry, Paul Carmichael and Guy Grossi

103. Gio Paradiso and Giorgio de Maria

179. Ronni Kahn and Adam Liaw

187. Pat Nourse, Belinda So and Kendall Hill

203. Rockpool Bar and Grill

233. Neil Perry on the taco station

292. Kylie Javier Ashton, Sam Christie and Sarah Doyle

303. Adriana Picker, Josh Niland and Nikki To

304. Josh Lewis and Mat Lindsay

336. Neil Perry, Anthea Loucas Bosha and the four-tier Lady Baltimore cake

362. Rockpool Bar and Grill

36. Pat Nourse, Anthea Loucas Bosha, Neil Perry, Lynette Phillips, Lee Applbaum

Gourmet Traveller celebrates 50 with huge party at Sydney’s Rockpool.