cleo releases online series ‘fight like A girl’

CLEO is pleased to announce the release of ‘Fight like a Girl’, a weekly online series that follows amazing women breaking gender stereotypes.

Premiering on CLEO’s website and YouTube channel on 16 July, the first episode of the fly-on-the-wall series follows CLEO’s Deputy Editor Lizza Gebilagin across a seventh month period, as she transitions from magazine writer to mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter.

On the documentary, CLEO Editor-in-Chief Lucy Cousins said, “This is a really exciting series for CLEO and demonstrates our commitment to share the journeys of women who are breaking the glass ceiling in whatever field they are in. You can read about Lizza’s experiences in our magazine, see them on our social media and then watch the documentary on our website or YouTube channel.”

Directed by Byron Keane, Bauer Media Videographer and Editor, and produced in partnership with Lizza, ‘Fight like a Girl’ combines Lizza’s personal video diaries with footage filmed by Keane. It also features interviews with Australia’s top female fighters including Lauryn Eagle, UFC’s Alex Chambers, and UFC’s top nutrition coach Mike Dolce.

“The cross-platform series is the first of many for CLEO, as we provide our readers with more empowering and insightful stories that break gender stereotypes and put issues affecting Australian women under the spot light. Video content enables us to tell these stories in a more engaging manner alongside the beauty, fashion, and fitness content our readers know and love,” added Lizza.

The first episode of ‘Fight like a Girl’ will premiere on CLEO’s website and YouTube channel at 1pm on 16 July, click here to view the trailer.

Click here for an exclusive sneak peek at episode one.

cleo releases online series  ‘fight like A girl’