3.8million reading a home & garden title every month

Our passion for where we call home is as strong as ever with 3.8 million or one in five Australians reading a homes and garden magazine each month.

The emma readership survey for the 12 months ending March 2017 shows home and garden readers are also heavy consumers of different magazines, with 63% reading four or more different titles each month. One in four (27%) read two to three other magazines each month.

Magazines are the most useful mass media to drive furniture and homeware purchase decisions, with 1.2 million or 31% of all home and garden readers saying they provide inspiration to buy, well ahead of other mainstream media.

The use of social media as a source of information for making buying decisions has also boomed, up 15% year on year – one of the biggest increases of any media. They are also avid users of the internet with 61% going online for a minimum of one hour a day and half (54%) have visited a home and garden site in the past month.

Mary Ann Azer, executive director at Magazine Networks whose members include Bauer Media, NewsLifeMedia and Pacific Magazines, said: “Magazine brands are attracting audiences in increasing numbers across all platforms. The latest emma data shows magazines remain a highly popular medium for 20% of all consumers who are passionate about their home and gardens each month.”

Readers of home and garden magazines are 37% more likely to be women, accounting for 70% of the audience, with a jump in the number of young women aged 14-29 of 8% year on year. Readers with an annual personal income of $120,000 or more have also risen by 8%.

Home and garden readers vote with their feet on making purchases for their home with 46% buying something when they last visited a furniture store spending on average $634. When it comes to homeware stores, 76% splashed out on average $159 per trip. Magazine readers are spending more than average on home entertainment and other electronics at $396 and are 5% more likely than the rest of the population to have spent over $1,500 on home entertainment and other electronic products. Spending on tablets and mobiles by readers is also growing, up 12% year on year with an average of $477 handed over the last time they bought a mobile device.

Unsurprisingly they are an active bunch, tending to their garden three times a month. They are 15% more likely to have redecorated their house or apartment in the past month and they also love entertaining having friends or family over 1.6 times each month on average.

Azer added: “Home and garden readers are heavy consumers of content that gives them inspiration on how they can improve their homes. With 3.8 million Australians engaging with homemaker titles each month, these consumers are more active and higher spending which magazine brands can influence across print, online and though social media.”

3.8million reading a home & garden title every month