2016 Australians at Home Trend Report

Better Homes & Gardens together with Home Beautiful has released new findings from its Australians At Home report, a national study delving in to the mood and attitudes of Australians and how they perceive their home and time spent within it.

The report marks the third instalment of Pacific’s research into Australians and the home improvement market. Previous reports were released in 2006 and 2011.

Through qualitative and quantitative research of over 2,000 Australians, as well as expert interviews, the study delved into a number of key themes, including:

HAPPY HOME ALONE: We are all seeking more time home alone Australians are spending more time at home alone than we were five years ago, plus the number of single person households is on the increase. We are not recluses though, we are happy about it, and some (especially women) are seeking more time home alone.

MY HOME: For me, by me – my home, my way
A movement away from showy, status driven choices and a focus on creating a home that first and foremost is designed to service the people living in it – not those visiting. In terms of improvements, the main bedroom and living rooms have seen a marked increase in attention, and we’re living more for ourselves.

RE-ZONING: We are creating dedicated ‘zones’
Australians are moving away from the completely open plan layout – we are creating dedicated zones – some of which are “just for me”.

MY HOME IS MY CAFÉ: We are entertaining differently…more frequently & more casually
We are still entertaining in our homes, but differently…it’s no longer about the monthly dinner date. We are entertaining more informally and at different times of the day.

SMART LIVING: Home life enhanced
Interest in smart living is evident for all ages and life stages, especially sustainability, but also the “connected” home. When it comes to technology it needs to bring utility – enrich our lives, solve pain points, make our lives easier at home.

Gereurd Roberts, CEO, Pacific Magazines, comments: “We’re a decade on since our first Australians At Home study and whilst the home is still our greatest form of creative expression – the reasons why we invest and spend so much time in our homes is shifting. Today, we’re investing in and spending more time at home than ever before – as a place to connect with our friends and family, our sense of style and with smart technology. There’s huge opportunity for commercial partners who understand the drivers behind these evolving consumer insights, which are encapsulated in the research released today.”

Prue Cox, Commercial Director, Pacific comments: “The Australians At Home is one of our most significant pieces of proprietary research. These insights are critical in shaping our brands, they’re also key to guiding our clients advertising solutions and strategies. This study outlines the big picture themes that are driving consumer’s decisions. The emotion, the pain points and the drivers of change. Investing in studying these and the nuances around them has allowed us to build a deep and truly unique understanding of what really happens inside and outside the homes of Australians.”

Download the report here

2016 Australians at Home Trend Report