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Readership 386,000 (emma Sept 17)
Price $9.50
Target Motoring Enthusiasts 25-54
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bauer-Media
Content Cars, Auto Pop Culture
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Facebook Followers 99,198 (Jan 2018)
Twitter Followers 5,114 (Jan 2018)
Instagram Followers 5,120 (Jan 2018)
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Wheels is Australia’s only general interest motoring magazine. Where other motoring titles target tightly focused tribal audiences, Wheels aims for a broader appeal. As well as news and reviews on new models, the magazine takes an interest in – and a position on – issues such as cost of car ownership, the environment, road safety, and technology. As one of Australia’s oldest and most respected titles, Wheels fills a unique niche, serving as consumer guide, news source, opinion leader, and popular entertainment medium. Few titles combine Wheels’ hands-on practicality and depth of subject knowledge with its high standards of creative writing and photography.