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Readership 787,000 (emma Sept 17)
Price $4.50
Target Women 25+
Frequency Monthly
Publisher NewsLifeMedia
Content Inspirational everyday food
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Facebook 475,333 (Sept 17)
Twitter 28,188 (Sept 17)
Instagram 76,575 (Sept 17)
Pinterest 30,771 (Sept 17)
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taste.com.au magazine

taste.com.au is the only platform in Australia to provide all of your food needs in one place. Whether you want a simple dinner idea, gluten free recipes, a complete family meal plan or to cook alongside other Australians by counting yourself in to the recipe of the day, it’s all accessible at the click of a button.

Australia’s first fully integrated magazine experience is immersive, active, interactive and ultimately, addictive. Everything that is exciting and refreshing about food and cooking, all that the modern woman wants right now – thanks to taste.com.au’s up-to-the-minute insights.

The taste.com.au magazine app for iPad has enhanced features such as the popular ‘cook mode’ recipe format and exciting animations that bring our content to life. The app is fun and easy to use and has strong levels of support from digital partners to drive visibility and awareness. Bespoke advertising solutions are available to capitalise on this interactive environment and further engage the consumer. An extension of this app is a custom product for iPhone, providing the means for taste.com.au magazine to be a truly mobile product and reflect the way today’s consumers incorporate food and media into their daily lives.

taste.com.au is Australia’s number one food and recipe website, a position it has consistently maintained over the past 6 years.

The site now achieves over 1.9m UA’s per month and has over 480,000 loyal members. Taste not only achieves scale but also has an audience that is highly engaged with the average user spending 18 minutes per session.

taste.com.au is available across multiple devices, ensuring our audience can interact with us however and wherever they want.