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Readership 273,000 (emma Sept 2017)
Price $9.95
Target Weekend trailblazers, family tourers and silver nomads.
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bauer-Media
Content 4x4
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Facebook Followers 135,231 (Jan 18)
Twitter Followers 3,140 (Jan 18)
Instagram 2,993 (Jan 18)
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4×4 Australia

4X4 Australia is a monthly publication that focuses on four-wheel drive vehicles and adventure based travel (offroad), both in Australia and internationally. It is Australia’s leading publication for all things 4×4, delivering our consumers all the information they need on vehicles (new and used), gear and destinations.

The essence of the brand’s content focuses on 4WDs, the people who drive them, the gear they fit to them and the places they can take them. The people that define our brand are the very same people who read our publication – avid four-wheel drivers who have an interest in the industry and want to explore Australia.

4X4 Australia is Australia’s leading 4×4 magazine featuring vehicles, gear and destinations. Our vision is to bring up-to-date, new content via print and digital. We are the ultimate guide to all things 4WD. We want to inspire people to travel off the beaten track and explore what this great country has to offer, all in the comfort of their trusty 4WD.

Being a travel magazine, many of our consumers are ‘on the go’ and are often on Facebook looking for witty and up-to-date information on the industry. We build interactions with our consumers (both readers and advertisers) via Facebook. We use social media to inform our readers and support our advertisers, sharing information and opening up opportunities for banter.