Targeting Women

Women are the most important demographic for all marketers. To quote the Economist magazine, “Forget China, India and the Internet, economic growth will be driven by women”.

Women are responsible for 80% of all purchase decisions.

There is only one medium that is dominated by women – its content, audiences and creators. It dictates trends from cuisine to fashion, health to travel, deals to indulgence – the zeitgeist of Australian popular culture. It is so inherently important to them, that every week they pay money to access it.

Magazines provide the opportunity to have the advertising message contextualised with content that women will spend up to 90 minutes consuming.

Australian women love and trust magazines. They connect to magazines. They commit to magazines. They cherish magazines. If you want to build an intimate relationship with women, use magazines.

Magazines have moved with the modern Australian woman. The trusted and established brands that have shaped Australian society have now taken to digital, mobile and social.

The decision making power of Australian woman

Source: Australian Scan - Quantum Research

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