Magazine Brand Impact

Magazines are the original ‘sticky’ medium.

That’s because people have a genuine love affair with magazines. So strong is it, in fact, that they buy them, subscribe to them, even beg, borrow and steal them.

Then, when they’re at their most relaxed and receptive, they read them from cover to cover, trusting the opinions of the writers, the advice of the style-makers and, consequently, the quality of the products and services that appear in the pages.

And then, not surprisingly, when the next issue comes out, they carry out the same beautiful ritual, all over again.

No medium gets closer than a magazine.

There are many reasons why brands love the highly-effective and engaging advertising medium that is magazines.


Priceline and Pacific Magazines have a history of developing immensely successful campaigns in partnership – often around insights-driven initiatives. In this case, Priceline wanted to make themselves as famous for Health as they are for Beauty.

The result was an integrated concept called ‘Know Your Health Age’ that provided the mechanism for consumers to examine the current state of their health via an online survey designed to drive foot traffic into Priceline Pharmacies for free Health Checks. Leveraging the dominant power of Pacific’s Health Brands and other magazine assets and extending the activation through SWM’s TV and Online assets, this campaign met and exceeded every KPI including a significant uplift in sales for Priceline.

This magazine-led initiative once again proves the power of an integrated market approach.