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Biggest Australian Study on Magazines role in the Media mix

Fiftyfive5 Research Study among 2200 readers which clearly identifies the role of magazines online & offline.
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The New Influencer Ecosystem

Magnetic UK wanted to take a fresh look at influencers to understand what makes a successful influencer. They looked at this from multiple angles pulling together five separate data sources exploring influencer marketing from the consumer and content perspectives whilst considering both digital and offline channels.
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Independent Research Proves the Value of Magazines- a PDF for sales and marketing teams

Did you know.... Magazine media generates more social content than any other channel. The #1 brand on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is a magazine media brand (National Geographic.) 24 of the top 100 brands on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are magazine media brands.
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The Print Campaign Analysis by Millward Brown

This analysis by Millward Brown for MPA USA identifies the strengths of Print media, as compared to Online and TV media, by evaluating the media channels separately and in combination with each other.
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TIME INC. challenges millennial stereotypes

'The New Mainstream' reveals six diverse audience segments that challenge the millennial stereotypes. 'The New Mainstream' 'will become an ongoing initiative from Time Inc. UK to further understanding of the diverse personas within the millennial audience, so that marketers and advertisers can better unlock their commercial power.
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2016 Australians at Home Trend Report

A national study delving in to the mood and attitudes of Australians and how they perceive their home and time spent within it.
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Launched by Magnetic Media UK at Spark and commissioned with Carat – Metrics That Matter – looks at the impact of the full range of magazine media assets across both print and digital, including display and advertorial and native solutions.
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New Idea Household CEO

New Idea has released new findings from its Household CEO Report, a national survey delving in to the mood and attitudes of Australian women.
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Magazines deliver best return on ad spend – US study

Magazine advertising easily produces the highest return per dollar of ad spend and digital video the least, a comprehensive US study of consumer packaged goods (CPG) advertising has found.
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How Magazines are the Most Cost Effective Channel for Building Brands

Magnetic UK has published new research in collaboration with Millward Brown – Why Being Different Still Makes a Difference. The research looks at how best to achieve growth for brands, with findings showing that whilst saliency does lead to growth, on average brands which boost salience grow twice as much by being meaningful and different as well. These important metrics are also more likely to drive price premium – an objective not impacted by saliency.
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See this research from Magnetic UK regarding how magazine media plays a unique role for motoring, providing professionally edited curated content that can both inspire the reader with reviews and opinions to reward their long-term passion, and also provide practical information, equipping the reader with relevant information at different touchpoints along the purchase journey.
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Magazine Media 360° Report

The report comprehensively captures all multi-platform data from 46 Australian magazine brands, with print, digital and social data summarised within the one report.
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Magazine Networks Code of Conduct Pilot Results

This report assesses the impact on newsagents and publishers implementation of a proposed magazine distribution Code of Conduct.
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Magazine Media

Watch Magnetic UK's short which outlines the key strengths and vital role that magazine brands play in consumers lives, and how advertisers can benefit.
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Sainsbury’s chooses magazines media brands to showcase Tu fashion label

Making a fashion brand - Sainsbury, a UK Supermarket's highly successful campaign
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Neuro Science – A fresh take on communication & the brain

If you want your communication to work, to be effective, it needs to get lodged in consumer’s memories so that they can act upon it later. In a landscape of abundant content, alternating attention and endless ad inventory- how? Neuro-science reminds us that there is a strong link between memory encoding and behaviour. Through the lens of this advancing discipline Magnetic UK have taken a fresh look at communications effectiveness to reveal some guiding principles for brands.
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Passion Points: The Foodie

Magnetic UK latest Moments That Matter research shows that 70% of all magazine moments fulfill a ‘pleasurable reward’ or ‘purposeful information’ need, which in modern happiness theory are thought to be the key drivers of wellbeing.
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The New Language of Luxury

Millennials are changing the shape of the luxury market in the UK, according to new insight from Hearst Magazines UK.
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Army used Magazine Media to boost the number of female recruits

The British Army turned to magazine media to help boost the recruitment of female troops. Find out how Time Inc. UK leveraged the power of its brands to create this innovative multi-platform campaign.
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Moments that matter

Magnetic UK’s ‘Moments that Matter’ study considers the relationship that consumers have with magazine content in the context of the moment, and the implications for advertising and marketing.
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Appetite For Life Insights Study

Appetite for Life is an in depth look at food through the eyes of the Australian home cook to understand the role it plays in their lifestyle, aspirations and connections with others. Furthermore, the study highlights five big shifts in the consumer food landscape.
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Deloitte Media Consumer Survey 2015

The fourth edition of Deloitte’s Media Consumer Survey provides a snapshot of how Australians are currently consuming different media and entertainment and how this has changed over time.
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As advertising tech spend soars past £1bn this year, Dave Chopping, Head of Insight and Rebecca Batey, Senior Insight Executive at Time Inc. UK, look at the highly-influential role that magazine media plays in consumers’ decisions to purchase technology. When we look at those who read print magazines during their technology purchase journey, versus those who use other media, we discover an audience that is well placed to invest significantly in new technology products and is more influenced by magazine advertising than any other media. How can we claim this? It’s by exploring the power of magazines through Time Inc. UK’s 'Time for Tech*' research.
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MPA- Summary of AC Nielsen Case Studies

FAQ regarding MPA - Nielsen Econometric Modelling Study
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MPA – Nielsen: Econometric Modelling Study

MAPP allows weekly breakdown of readership data based on actual reach curves & provides performance estimates for each issue of a title. Mainly used for econometric modelling studies, mapp’s metrics are based on an algorithm using currency readership (Emma or Roy Morgan) and sales estimates from publishers.
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Maximise Your Brand – How We Live

The ‘How We Live’ study we continue to unearth Australian women’s relationships with their sanctuaries…their homes. The study focuses on how The Australian Dream has been evolving and how Australians have changed how they are investing and living in their homes. 5 Macro trends have been defining this change in consumer behaviour and home designs.
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Moving Mindsets

‘Moving Mindsets' explores the interaction between the product category, the mindsets she moves between, and what influences and inspires at each point. By unlocking mindsets, and understanding the different effects her mindset has on purchasing choices and behaviour we can start to have more relevant, meaningful and targeted interactions.
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The Friendship Trigger Study

Understanding the retail journey of Australian women to influence the consumer on their path to purchase.
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