Paul Merrill


Readership 742,000 (emma Sept 17)
Price $3.30
Target Women 35 -64
Frequency Weekly
Publisher Bauer-Media
Content Women’s Entertainment & Lifestyle
Website View
Facebook 26,916 (Sept 17)
Twitter 712 (Sept 17)
Instagram 633 (Sept 17)
Cover example

Take 5

Take 5 is a weekly mix of exciting and emotional real-life stories, 40 puzzle prizes, and a good mix of traditional women’s magazine fare. Each week, Take 5 tells stories of scandal, betrayal, love and loss, from quirky and fun tales to heartbreaking accounts of tragedy and crime. Written in their own voice, the magazine is a conduit for the readers to tell each other their stories, share their experiences and dream about winning a puzzle prize.

Take 5 has over 26,000 followers on Facebook, with impressive levels of engagement. By using a mix of recipes, hidden image photos, puzzles and fun pictures sent in by readers, Take 5 has set up a way to interact with the brand online.