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Readership 420,000 (emma Sept 17)
Price $3.20
Target Women 25-59
Frequency Monthly
Publisher NewsLifeMedia
Content Simple, Family Friendly Food
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Facebook 423,712 (Sept 17)
Twitter 1,958 (Sept 17)
Instagram 18,637 (Sept 17)
Pinterest 2,150 (Sept 17)
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Super Food Ideas

Super Food Ideas is Australia’s top-selling food magazine. It is about providing the hundreds of thousands of Australians that have to put dinner on the table every night, with fast, simple and delicious recipes that use ingredients that can be found in the supermarket.  It is about new ideas, but not outlandish ones that are intimidating. It delivers recipes that are achievable, affordable and approachable for a budget-conscious consumer.

Providing handy shopping lists, simple step-by-step instructions and easy-to-follow tips and tricks from the professionals, it makes every recipe in Super Food Ideas an achievable mid-week reality for even the busiest of home cooks.

With an award-winning digital magazine and a great deal of content on taste.com.au and bestrecipes.com.au, this multiplatform brand consistently delivers simple, family-friendly recipes.

Super Food Ideas maintains its leading position in the marketplace through constant innovation. It’s a true multiplatform brand that delivers effective integrated opportunities for clients wishing to reach mass grocery buyers. Super Food Ideas has an unbeatable integrated offering of branded content, integration, reach and engagement.