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Readership 362,000 (emma May 17)
Price $9.95
Target Genuine Motor Enthusiasts
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bauer-Media
Content Customised Motoring
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Facebook Followers 379,141 (June 2017)
Twitter Followers 2,840 (June 2017)
Instagram Followers 52,300 (June 2017)
Pinterest Followers 224 (June 2017)
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Street Machine

Street Machine is Australia’s premier modified car magazine, celebrating the rolling works of art created by talented enthusiasts. As much as Street Machine is about V8 engines, flawless bodywork and innovative engineering, it is equally concerned with its people. The SM tribe is a broad one and they are as passionate about the magazine as they are about their vehicles.

Street Machine has been the number-one modified car magazine in Australia for 33 years and maintains its position through a consistent focus on, and engagement with our readers.

Streetmachine.com.au offers a host of bonus content not found in the magazine, exclusive videos and excerpts from our archives.

Street Machine is highly active on social media, reflecting the deep involvement of the readers with the magazine. The readers contribute with content, comments and vocal opinions on the magazine and its direction. Our social media channels are hubs for sharing information, showcasing projects and reporting on the ever-growing show, race and burnout scenes around the country.