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Readership 129,000 (Roy Morgan September 2019)
Price $7.95
Target Women & Men 25-49
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Rainmaker Information
Content Finance
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Facebook Followers 9857 (Nov 2019)
Twitter Followers 11,250 (Nov 2019)
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Money magazine is Australia’s longest-running, highest-selling and most-read personal finance magazine. Established in 1999, the magazine provides credible, independent, easy-to-understand financial advice to help its readers save money and make the most of their investments.

Money’s team of experts includes chairman and chief commentator Paul Clitheroe, property specialist Pam Walkley, and superannuation specialist Susan Hely. Money is the home of the annual Best of the Best awards and Consumer Finance Awards, which review the best financial products and services on the market. Weekly e-newsletters, online content and regular giveaways complement the monthly magazine.