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Readership 97,000 (emma May 17)
Price $5.40
Target House-proud Australians
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bauer-Media
Content Homes
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Facebook Followers 14,070 (May 2017)
Twitter Followers 220 (May 2017)
Instagram Followers 25,100 (May 2017)
Pinterest Followers 678 (May 2017)
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Homes+ is the friendly, practical homes brand for house proud Aussies, looking to create a beautiful family home they love without breaking the bank.

It’s not just about the home – it’s about the reader. homes+ magazine is guest-edited each month by readers inspiring each other to trust their instincts, have fun, and learn that really, it’s okay if the décor in the living room is not perfect. Readers have an opportunity to share their homes, ideas and great buys. homes+ has an authentic voice, is packed full of relaxed Aussie homes, practical solutions, before and after renovations, bargain-buys, quick and easy recipes, garden tips, travel & a whole lot more.