Tamara Davis


Readership 143,000 (emma Sept 17)
Price $7.99
Target Girls 14-17
Frequency Seasonal
Publisher Pacific Magazines
Content Teen Lifestyle
Website View
Facebook 2,019,946 (Sept 2017)
Twitter 45,145 (Sept 2017)
Instagram 109,549 (Sept 2017)
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Girlfriend is Australia’s number one teen magazine brand, with a brand community of over 2.3 million teens. The Girlfriend brand continues in its mission to innovate, and always be one step ahead, constantly adapting to meet the needs of our passionately engaged teen audience.

As our fans seek out content everywhere they can find it, be it in our seasonally produced magazine, website, video, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and across our brand events, Girlfriend provides the warmth, wit and credibility the teen audience craves on her platform of choice, 24/7.

Through its broad range of channels Girlfriend delivers content that matches the medium and the needs of that particular channels’ fans. Each channel is used differently, with core brand themes peppered throughout, to bring the brand to life across all content platforms.