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Readership 118,000 (emma May 17)
Price $8.95
Target Movie Enthusiasts
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bauer-Media
Content Movie News & Entertainment
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Facebook Followers 15,353 (June 2017)
Twitter Followers 8,075 (June 2017)
Instagram Followers 1,248 (June 2017)
Pinterest Followers 468 (June 2017)
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Empire magazine is the definitive read for people who love the movies. It’s an internationally respected brand and the world’s best movie magazine with over 1 million readers worldwide every month.

It’s also Australia’s biggest selling movie magazine. Empire recently won the General Interest category in the Australian Magazine Awards and has grown its circulation in 2012.

Empire is a reviews-based magazine, and our depth of knowledge ensures we deliver the most comprehensive reviews on new films, DVDs, Blu-rays, games and the latest film soundtracks. Empire also has extensive reviews on technology and hardware.

The magazine is also supported online through its interactive website, Empire Online.