Josephine Rozenberg-Clarke


Price $7.95
Target Girls14-17
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bauer-Media
Content Fashion, Health & Beauty
Website View
Facebook 763,449 (Mar 17)
Twitter 31,500 (Mar 17)
Instagram 54,900 (Mar 17)
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The refreshed DOLLY online is the ultimate fully responsive, on demand mobile destination for the on-the-go teenage girl. The website features the latest pop culture news, beauty reviews, how to’s, celebrity fashion and beauty along with new features including custom quiz platforms, emoji reactions, gifs and an abundance of videos produced by a dedicated DOLLY video studio.

The hugely popular DOLLY Doctor app is designed to answer all the questions on health, beauty, relationships and the body. It features social media integration to share articles with friends.

DOLLY’s social media presence is fast, fun and approachable. It’s a feel-good and easily sharable platform filled with content on pop culture, beauty, fashion and celebrity news as well as the much-loved DOLLY Doctor. DOLLY has a strong presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and is now available to follow on Snapchat, providing exclusive behind-the-scenes videos and photos.