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Readership 398,000 (emma Sept 2017)
Price $7.95
Target Women 18-34
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Bauer-Media
Content Fashion, Health & Beauty
Website View
Facebook 1,161,564 (Sept 17)
Twitter 47,271 (Sept 17)
Instagram 110,164 (Sept 17)
Pinterest 2,169 (Sept 17)
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Cosmopolitan is the world’s most successful magazine for young women aged 18 to 34. It’s often described as ‘my caffeine’, ‘my best friend’ and ‘my personal stylist’. When young women read Cosmopolitan they become part of a like-minded conversation on topics ranging from fashion and beauty to relationships and body image.

Cosmopolitan online is a content focused, go-to destination for young women. Covering celebrity, fashion, beauty, wellbeing, sex and relationships, it’s a 24/7 destination designed to connect her with the things that matter most, her passions.

Cosmo connects with readers around the clock. We’ve doubled our social media following in the last year and with numbers steadily growing across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, Cosmo has a 24/7 presence for our reader, on the bus, at her desk and in her bed.