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Readership 2,339,000 (emma Sept 2017)
Price $6.50
Target Women 30+
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Pacific Magazines
Content Homes & Lifestyle
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Facebook 724,931 (Sept 17)
Twitter 7,598 (Sept 17)
Instagram 51,695 (Sept 17)
Pinterest 431,976 (Sept 17)
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Better Homes And Gardens

Australian’s have a love affair with their homes and at Better Homes and Gardens that’s what we live for.  We’ve been inspiring Australian’s since 1978 offering great ideas and how to advice for their home and garden, delivering an abundance of ideas along with the inspiration and information to create and achieve.

Along with the magazine, the Better Homes and Gardens brand continues to grow…

The foundation of the brand provides consumers with the opportunity for rich engagement and the ability to spend time with the elements that interest them the most. Our ever expanding one-shot magazine schedule takes the main magazine offering to a targeted level for readers.  Innovation is key in the success of the magazine. The editorial team bring readers more projects to create the home of their dreams, implementing new sections and features to match the increasing areas of interest, including technology, environment, finance and travel.

Better Homes and Gardens TV (Logie winning!) provides the power of sight and sound to ‘bring to life’ the stories, projects and lifestyle segments that evolve from the magazine content itself.   The relationship between the magazine and TV is extremely powerful as a cross-promotion tool for both platforms.

Bhg.com.au & Bhgshop.com.au content extends across home, family and mass market audience. Both sites bring together premium content and make it even easier for readers to fill their home with the things they love.

Better Homes and Gardens social media community is thriving due to a multi-content, multi-voice strategy. Active on five social media platforms (Facebook, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram and Twitter), users will find content and inspiration directly from the magazine, Television show and website platforms.

The Better Homes and Gardens brand position is to give Australians a wealth of ideas, inspiration and information to make their homes a wonderful place, enabling consumers with the opportunity to constantly enrich the area of greatest meaning in their lives – their homes. This is how we continue to deliver results and ongoing success.