Jacqueline Mooney


Readership 330,000 (emma Nov 16)
Price $7.50
Target Women 25-44
Frequency Monthly
Publisher Pacific Magazines
Content Women's Lifestyle
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Australian Women’s Health

Australian Women’s Health is informative, fresh, smart and inspiring. We speak to today’s active women in a way that is both authoritative and conversational, and relevant to them. Australian Women’s Health motivates and educates women to take control of their health, fitness, eating, emotional wellbeing, skincare, relationships and careers so that they can live their best lives.

There’s no-one you can trust more to help you make the right decisions for a healthy lifestyle. Toning your tummy, de-stressing your work life or having more fun between the sheets… if it’s on your mind, we cover it. All this is backed up by experts with strong credentials and the latest research. The integrity and authority of Australian Women’s Health content is unrivalled.