#KoFBestOf2015 continues with a look at the Nike Kobe 10 and the best colorways of the shoe to drop this year. We still have the Christmas and What The to go before the year ends, but let’s face facts here, only one of them is any good.

The legacy of the Nike Kobe 10 will ultimately be one that’s firmly in the middle. With the swoosh and Mamba claiming that the Nike Kobe 11 is Flyknit perfected and likely the last time they’ll use it while the Nike Kobe 9 was the introduction of that technology in basketball shoes, the Kobe 10 feels like the transitional champion. Not a bad choice, but ultimately they’re holding the belt warm and waiting for someone to take it away from them.

But that doesn’t mean Nike half-assed the Kobe 10 by any means. Some of the best Kobes of the past several years are Kobe 10 models but with Mamba injured for most of the life of the shoe, we didn’t really get to see him in action with the kicks, not to mention Nike didn’t seem release as many colorways as they have in the past. So before we move on to the Nike Kobe 11, here’s a look back at the 10 Best Nike Kobe 10 colorways.

Note: Not to spoil our #KoFBestOf2015 Top ___ Kicks Of 2015 List, we’re only listing the kicks alphabetically.

1Nike Kobe 10 All-Star/Zoom City


Let’s be honest here for a second. Overall, Nike’s All-Star efforts for the best few years have not been that great, especially when you compare it to the high of the 2012 Galaxy offerings. So when they took a minimal approach to this past February’s game with the nods to monolithic New York landmarks of the past, it was bound to disappoint those who want the loud and crazy we’ve come to hope for All-Star. The Kobe 10 gets points for the creative use of the gradient midsole but that’s about it. I don’t see this ranking higher than 10 on this list if we had put it in order.

2Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Christmas

This could be so much better. If they had just applied the thread pattern on the toe to the entire shoe, they could have made the equivalent of an ugly Christmas sweater on your feet. But we’ll take it nevertheless, especially with the awesome nod to Kobe’s five championships on the heel.

3Nike Kobe 10 Fundamentals


Nobody does clean black and white signature kicks better than Mamba. His silhouettes have always allowed for the simplest looks to shine and last year’s Beethoven colorway was a shining example of that. While I wouldn’t classify the Fundamentals in that same class, it’s no slouch.

4Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low HTM (All Three)

Yeah, we’re cheating a little bit here, but I’m just so glad that all of the HTM releases were respectable instead of the disaster that was last year’s half-hearted multicolor drops.

5Nike Kobe 10 EXT Mid Liquid Gold


You never expect the lifestyle models to make these lists, but the Liquid Gold colorway was just so crazy and obnoxious and so Mamba that we had to include it on here for its sheer absurdity. I saw this at the Nike Employee Store in Portland during our trip there last week for half price. Only thing that prevented me from copping was the lack of a size 11 (sad face emoji).

6Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Mambacurial


A bias pick because I paid straight cash for a pair, but come on, who doesn’t love a pink, black and grey mix, especially one that references one of the best Kobe releases – the Mambacurial Kobe 8 – of all the times?

7Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Draft Pick


Well, it’s called “Draft Pick” and according to Nike it’s a tribute to one of Mamba’s early mentors. I guess it’s Jerry West but they can’t say it explicitly so we have another vague nickname that at the very least is better than Opening Night.

8Nike Kobe 10 Overcome


“He didn’t need to head to the line as trainers pleaded with him to head for the locker room, but he came back. He didn’t need to rehab harder than any human should have for the ‘15 season, but he came back. He didn’t need to keep training after he tore his shoulder, but he’ll come back … because one thing Kobe knows is how to overcome.” – Nike press release

I mean, they could have just said this was the Draft Day or EYBL colorway and we’d be ok with it. But sure, if Nike wants to get all existentialist with these colorways, by all means, go right ahead…

9Nike Kobe 10 Elite Low Rivarly


Yeah, Mamba’s getting into the spirit of paying homage (I say trolling, but we’ll be nice for now) to teams that challenged him with this colorway based on an old high school foe. Hopefully we see Nike Kobe 11 colorways of all the NBA teams he tormented through the years like the Suns or the Kings or the Spurs (although that last one goes both ways, I guess).

10Nike Kobe 10 Silk


When people say Kobe is big in China, it’s no joke. Even though LeBron James is making inroads there, Kobe has been around longer and still remains culturally relevant in the country. This colorway references the Silk Road trade route and the colorful tapestries that were used in that time. If I were back home in the Philippines, I’m sure I could find an aunt who has drapes that have the same colors as these kicks. That’s actually a compliment.